Michigan Memorial Funeral Home & Michigan Memorial Park




Cremation with 2 Hour Visitation and Memorial Service

a. Standard Package ending before 12 noon


b. Standard Package ending at or after 12 noon


Our charge includes the following:

• Basic services of our funeral director and staff

• Use of our vehicle to transport deceased to MMFH (30 miles)

• Crematory Fee (MMFH selects the crematory)

• Filing and documentation (up to 30 miles)

• Use of our facilities, equipment and staff for 2 hour visitation

  followed by memorial service

Michigan Medical Examiner permit

• $100.00 credit toward an urn from the MMFH selection

• $75.00 credit toward any acknowledgment package

• Corrugated Cardboard Alternative Container or $100.00 credit

  toward any other MMFH casket (added 5/10/2015)

• $130.00 credit toward Death Notice in the News-Herald

  (MMFH will place the notice and it must include our funeral home name,

  address, phone number and crematory name)

• 1 Basic Memorial Charm (cannot be guaranteed pre-need)

• 1 DVD / 2 Photo Collages (cannot be guaranteed pre-need)

• 5 Michigan Death Certificates (cannot be guaranteed pre-need)


Embalming is notincluded in this package charge. If you select embalming or if it is required by law, an additionalcharge of $300.00will be added.  Michigan Law requires that a deceased person must beembalmed if it doesn’t reach its final destination (cemetery, crematory,medical school, etc,) within 48 hours. If a delay is caused by other than Michigan Memorial Funeral Home (i.e.medical examiner, doctor, hospital, family, etc.) it is deemed selected and,thus charged for. Ref. MI Public Health Rules R325.1142 Rule 1 and Rule 2