Michigan Memorial Funeral Home & Michigan Memorial Park




Direct Cremation with Alternative Container and Cemetery Service at MMP

a. Standard Package


Our charge includes the following:

• Adjusted basic services of our funeral director and staff

• Use of our vehicle to transport deceased to MMFH (up to 30 miles)

• Transportation to crematory (up to 30 miles)

• Filing and documentation (up to 30 miles)

• MMFH Staff-member present to coordinate cemetery services at MMP -

  family and friends gather at MMFH 15 minutes before service and are 

  lead in procession to MMP

• An MMFH staff-member for commital (at cemetery)

• $75.00 credit toward any acknowledgment package

• $130.00 credit toward Death Notice in the News-Herald

  (MMFH will place the notice and it must include our funeral home name,

  address, phone number and crematory name)

• 1 Basic Memorial Charm (cannot be guaranteed pre-need)

• Crematory Fee (MMFH selects the crematory)

• Michigan Medical Examiner permit

• $100.00 credit toward an urn from the MMFH selection

• 5 Michigan Death Certificates (cannot be guaranteed pre-need)


Embalming is not included in this package charge.  The MI Public Health Code requires that a deceased person must be embalmed if it doesn’t reach its final destination (cemetery, crematory, medical school, etc,) within 48 hours.  For compliance with this rule, if a delay is caused by other than Michigan Memorial Funeral Home (i.e. medical examiner, doctor, hospital, family, etc.) it is deemed selected and, thus charged for.  Ref. MI Public Health Rules R325.1142 Rule 1 and Rule 2