Decoration Guidelines | Michigan Memorial

Decoration Guidelines

In order to maintain the serenity and elegance of Michigan Memorial Park, we ask that you adhere to the decoration guidelines outlined below.  Keep in mind that decoration removal preserves the beauty of the cemetery’s grounds and mausoleums and are removed when they become unsightly.  Michigan Memorial Park is not responsible for any damage to or disappearance of flower arrangements, plants or decorative items.


Fresh cut flowers are allowed during the mowing season, March 1 through October 31, in approved vases.  If a permanent vase or bronze memorial has not been placed at the grave, please refer to our display of approved designs in the cemetery office.  Michigan Memorial Park also provides a fresh flower placement service for Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day.


Artificial flowers are not permitted except for the following special occasions:  Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Grandparent’s Day, and July 4.  Artificial flowers, potted plants, wreaths and baskets are permitted one week prior to the holiday and are removed one week following the holiday.


Fresh cut and artificial flowers are permitted in approved vases only.  In order to preserve the beauty of our mausoleums, flowers that are wilted, out of season or dated will be red tagged.  Two weeks after the red tag date, the flowers will be removed by Michigan Memorial Park.  Flowers placed on the floor will be immediately removed and any item taped or adhered to the crypt front is strictly prohibited.


Winter wreaths on a stand and properly hung on a mausoleum crypt front may be displayed from November 1 through March 1, after which they will be removed by Michigan Memorial Park.  Vigil lights are allowed from November 1 through March 1 only, but are not recommended due to their fragility.  Christmas decorations are permitted two weeks prior to the holiday and will be removed by Michigan Memorial Park one week after New Year’s Day.


Not permitted


For your convenience, the water outlet is located outside the front office of the cemetery.
We offer convenient placement services.  Contact the Michigan Memorial Flower Shop for details.  734-783-2757