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Instructions to view Live-Stream Services at Michigan Memorial Funeral Home

Here are instructions to participate in a Live-Stream Service

To watch a Live-Stream service:

Click on the “Obituaries” link on our “Home” page. Once you’re on the “Obituaries” page, scroll down to the person whose service you want to watch and click on the link to their page. If the service is being Live-Streamed, you’ll see a link, just below the picture of that person that looks like this:

Live stream

Click on that link to watch the service.

A few things to know:

  • If there isn’t a link, the funeral service isn’t being live-streamed. Every family is being offered this service, but not all want it.
  • Some families want to begin live-streaming before a service begins to make it more like a virtual visitation.
  • Not all services start on time. There are a number of variables that we are dependent on such as, family, clergy and, at times, technical issues.
  • You probably will not hear music. Due to licensing issues, we’ll have to pause live-streaming while music is played. Although, in most cases, we’ll play music before the service begins and after the live-streaming ends.
  • There is a delay of approximately 15 seconds between the actual service and what you’re watching via live-streaming.
  • Seamless Live-streaming is dependent on seamless technical service. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Occasionally, there are issues with either the audio or visual portions of a service. We are trying to deliver the best experience possible at a very difficult time and we have staff monitoring every service to get these technical issues resolved as quickly as possible.