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Leonard Gerard


May 12 , 1951 - October 08 , 2020

Leonard Gerard Robichaud
Leonard Gerard Robichaud
1951 - 2020





Len Robichaud was many things, a consummate businessman, loving Father, Grandfather, Husband, Brother, Son, musician, volunteer, firefighter, woodworker, proud member of Mensa, and so much more. Like most Robichaud men, he lived his life his way, large and in charge. He worked nationally and internationally and lived all over the country including Michigan, California, Georgia, Chicago, Florida, Texas, and worked in Japan. Music was a lifelong passion. He played the guitar and keyboard. Len was in a band as a teenager, sang in a barbershop quartet, lent his beautiful baritone voice to community theatre, and proudly sang as both his daughters walked down the aisle. He had a bawdy, sometimes irreverent, but often hilarious sense of humor. He loved things Bigger, Better, Faster. He attended Mardi Gras, the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, competed in the Michigan state pool tournament in Las Vegas and at almost 70 still drive a Dodge Charger. Life doesn’t always give us as much time as we’d like. He lived long enough to see his eldest daughter Anita become a doctor, his daughter Cheryl become a stellar athlete and an accomplished business woman, attended his grandson Michael’s graduation from Army bootcamp, his granddaughter Heather become a nurse and escorted his youngest granddaughter Hailey to her winter formal and got to see the young woman she was turning out to be. He had just returned to Michigan after a lifetime of being away, with the hopes of reconnecting with everyone but life had other plans. We hope that after reading this you all feel that you got to know him a little better. May he rest in peace.