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Above Ground Burial
Above Ground Burial

Above Ground Crypt and Mausoleum Burial Options

There are many families out there who prefer to be placed above ground in a mausoleum or garden crypt as opposed to traditional burial in-ground. Here at Michigan Memorial Park, we offer 14 beautiful mausoleums and crypts throughout our property. This includes both interior and exterior crypts, each with their own remarkable features. We also offer private family mausoleums on the edge of Sylvan Lake, in the Woodside areas and in the Lighthouse Rose Garden.  

Please review our above ground burial options below and feel free to contact us for more information. If you have any questions regarding pricing or interest in taking a tour, our experts will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Garden of Angels

Garden of Angels is an impressive, two-story mausoleum that provides families with mostly eye-level crypt choices.  It has a 60-foot reflecting pool and a life-sized custom bronze angel, designed by a local artist.

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Couch Crypts

The Michigan Memorial Park Garden of Angels has a limited number of couch crypts, for two people to be entombed side-by-side with no divider in between.  The couch crypts are located under large flower gardens and in front of the reflecting pool.  Couch crypts include a custom 56” x 17” bronze plaque, two flower vases and two opening and closing fees.

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Private Mausoleums

Michigan Memorial Park has several locations for mausoleums around Lake Sylvan, near the Woodside Community Mausoleums, and in the Lighthouse Rose Garden. A private family mausoleum can accommodate from one to 16 family members. Each building is custom-made and can be designed by the family.

Private Mausoleums Locations Map

Various Park Locations
The Oaks

The first section of the Oaks was completed in June, 2013 called “The Northern Red Oak”, which is the first of eight phases to be completed in the complex.  The Oaks are nestled in a wooded area across from the Courtside Mausoleums and is complimentary to Michigan Memorial Park’s natural look.

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Shrine of Rememberance

The Shrine of Remembrance provides visitors with comfort and inspiration in every season.  The Shrine encompasses interior and exterior crypts, three chapels and an elegantly landscaped courtyard that is located in the center of the rotunda-shaped building.  The elegant marble floors and walls of the Shrine of Remembrance are accented with original stained and faceted glass windows by renowned artist Conrad Pickel, that create a prism of color as the sun reflects their images on the Italian marble.

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Courtside Garden Crypts

Courtside Mausoleums consist of five buildings that are tucked into the woods for a very rustic, calming effect.

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Reservation Gardens

One of Michigan Memorial Park’s smaller more intimate mausoleums, Reservation Gardens is located in the woods behind the “Chief Quo Qua” Tee Pee Monument.  The Tee Pee honors the Wyandotte Indians who once occupied the land where Michigan Memorial Park is situated.

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Arborview Garden Crypt Mausoleums

Arborview Garden Crypt Mausoleums are framed by lofty oak, black walnut, sycamore and maple trees.  Designed to blend in with their surroundings, they compliment the elegance of nature.  Arborview offers an outdoor pavilion for public gatherings and private services.  The pavilion is nestled into the woods and is one of Michigan Memorial’s most spectacular areas that will create a lasting impression.

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Crucifix Island

In the Mt. Carmel section of Michigan Memorial Park, Crucifix Island offers Catholic families an elegant alternative to ground burials to honor their loved ones.  Crucifix Island features a custom, larger than life-size, bronze statue of Christ on the cross in front of the mausoleum.  An Outdoor Catholic Mass is held each year for the community on the Sunday before Father’s Day at Crucifix Island.

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Trillium Garden Crypt Mausoleums

Trillium Garden Crypt Mausoleums are framed by lofty oak, black walnut, sycamore and maple trees.  Designed to blend in with their surroundings, they compliment the elegance of nature.

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Woodside I & II

Both the Woodside I and Woodside II Community Mausoleums are the most secluded mausoleums at Michigan Memorial Park.  The parameter of each building affords the opportunity to be closer to wooded landscaping with aesthetically designed crypts. Both Mausoleums offer interior as well as exterior crypts.  Woodside II also offers an interior chapel for families to hold private ceremonies or funeral services.

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