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Cremation In Michigan: Outdoor

Outdoor Cremation Options

If you’ve chosen a Traditional Funeral Service with Cremation for yourself or a loved one, you’ll then need to consider all of the different options for laying the cremated remains to rest. This is a very important and intimate decision for a family to make. That’s why Michigan Memorial Park and Funeral Home has given a considerable amount of time and attention to bring you over 20 different indoor and outdoor memorial options so that you can find the best choice for you and your family.

Our selection of outdoor cremation memorial options includes cremation benches and pedestals, fountain niches, private and family mausoleum niches, in-ground cremorial burial sites, and more. Contact us with any questions and learn more about pre-planning. You can also review our cremation certificate today.

The Lighthouse

Located on the banks of the Huron River, this 35 foot tall lighthouse has a working beacon that can be seen from many points in the park.  In the lighthouse and its surroundings, are secure spaces that hold up to four people that wish to be cremated.  Each space comes with a custom 8” x 8” stainless steel plaque that is designed by the family.

Map Location 34
Flower Garden Niches

Located in the Garden of Angels Mausoleum under a private covered roof, the Flower Garden Niches are nestled in and around private flower gardens, that are maintained by Michigan Memorial Park from spring through fall.  Each niche comes with an 8" x 8" custom stainless steel plaque that can be designed by the family.

Map Location 5
The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden, is a unique way to memorialize loved ones that are cremated.  It features bronze, memorial butterflies, in 13 different colors in 5 different species, inscribed with a small personal message.  Nestled in the center of the Butterfly Garden is “The Fly Away Statue” of a young girl surrounded by boulders.  This butterfly garden promotes real butterfly life in Michigan Memorial Park.

Map Location 36
Cremation Benches

Cremation Benches are located in various locations throughout Michigan Memorial Park and make wonderful memorials for those choosing cremation.  A bench is a personal monument as well as a private place to sit and enjoy the beauty of the park.

Various Locations in Park
Fountain Niches

Located in the center of our Shrine of Remembrance Mausoleum is a professionally landscaped courtyard that houses a beautiful fountain and the Fountain Niches.  These niches hold up to four people.

Map Location 19
Private, Secured Columbarium Room

For those that want a secured, gated private room, the Columbarium Room, is exclusively for cremated remains and is accessible only by families with loved ones memorialized here.  Located within the Shrine of Remembrance, the room features glass front niches and an area for quiet reflection.

Map Location 19
Mausoleum Niches

Several of the Park’s mausoleums have cremation niches available, including: The Garden of Angels (5), Courtside (29), Woodside I (36I), Woodside II (36II), Arborview (37), and the Shrine of Remembrance (19). 

Map Locations 5, 19, 29, 36 I, 36 II, 37
Family Niches

Family Niches are custom-made to order, that hold up to four people.  They are located in the Garden of Angels, the Lighthouse and Woodside II.  Each one of the Family Niches is unique to their location and come with large custom niche fronts to accommodate all four people.

Map Locations 5, 34, 36 II
Cremation Pedestals

Custom granite pedestals are uniquely situated and can hold up to (4) people.  Each pedestal has a custom sculpted top such as a bird bath, a butterfly, an open book or a weeping angel ...  or any idea a family may dream up.

Map Locations 5, 19
Bronze Front Niches

The only niches faced in all bronze, the Bronze Front Niches are located at the Garden of Angels Mausoleum.  They hold up to 2 people each. 

Map Location 5
Rose Garden Fountain Niches

The Rose Garden Fountain Niches are located along the tranquil Huron River with views of roses and a fountain flowing in the middle. They each hold up to 2 people.

Map Location 34