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Onsite Crematory at Michigan Memorial Funeral Home

Supervised and Individual Cremation Guaranteed

Cremation and peace of mind— these two things should always go together. At Michigan Memorial Funeral Home, we make sure they do. Unlike at most funeral homes in Michigan, your loved one never leaves our care. Cremation takes place right here at our facility so we guarantee supervised, individual cremation. That's peace of mind you can't get anywhere else in Michigan.

For your convenience and to assist in your selection of the funeral services that we offer, we have packaged some of the most frequently requested cremation services. Please review the various options below and contact us today to let us know how we can help. To learn more about cremation in Michigan and available services at our onsite crematorium, visit our "What You Need to Know" page. You can also review our cremation certificate and cremation authorization form.

Cost of Cremation Services in Michigan