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Funeral homes are typically perceived as “all the same” and they probably all conduct cremations “the same way”, too.  While that may be true elsewhere, it definitely is NOT true here.  At Michigan Memorial, we work very hard to find the best balance between your peace of mind and the price you pay.  Those aren’t just “words”, they’re our mission.  We’ve made investments that other funeral homes haven’t made and that allows us to do the following for you:

  • We guarantee individual cremation.  Because:
  • The crematory that we use is actually located inside of our funeral home building.  That means that your loved one never leaves our care.  Few other Michigan funeral homes offer that.  Instead, most other Michigan funeral homes choose to use outside cemeteries or commercial crematory companies that are located in industrial settings that are far from the supervision of funeral homes that use them.  We believe that some even travel out of state for this service.  That means, unfortunately, that once they’ve delivered your loved one to the commercial crematory, the funeral director is left to only “hope for the best”.  That type of “hope” shouldn’t be acceptable to you and definitely isn’t acceptable to us.  And, because the cremation takes place here:
  • We guarantee the return of 100% of the recoverable cremated remains of every person cremated and, we actually supervise it.  We understand that cremation is a deeply personal choice and, it’s also irreversible.  Therefore, we feel that it’s our obligation to make certain that every detail is carried out according to your wishes.  We’re always present, from beginning to end.  And because we’re here,
  • We invite you to do whatever helps you feel comfortable before, during and after the cremation of your loved one.  This may include witnessing the start of the cremation, waiting here while it takes place, or even taking part in starting the crematory itself.

We do all of this because we don’t ever want you to “wonder”…

In addition to having the crematory located inside our funeral home, we also offer a beautifully appointed private area in which you can spend time with your loved one before the cremation takes place, even if you won’t be having a formal visitation.  In this area, the deceased may be dressed in whatever you feel is most appropriate for them (this may include anything from pajamas to favorite sports apparel to more formal attire).  We use a beautiful sleigh bed to offer the most comfortable appearance of your loved one if you decide that you’d rather not purchase a casket.  This same room may also be used for those that want to witness their loved one actually entering the cremation chamber.  While we realize that this is not for everyone, it does provide an added level of confidence for those that feel the need to “be sure”.  Beautiful drapes cover the viewing window so, if this isn’t something you’re interested in, you don’t even have to know it’s there.  We make these options available to you at no additional cost.  Because cremation is irreversible and, because you’re entrusting the funeral director that you select with the greatest of responsibilities, we not only suggest that you visit and inspect the crematory that will be used for your loved one, we very strongly encourage it.  At Michigan Memorial Funeral Home, we’re open 7 days a week to accommodate your needs and your inspection.

What is included in the Michigan Memorial Funeral Home price for cremation?  Please see our cremation package pricing located on this page.  The packages are for everything from our “Celebration of Life” catered reception and memorial service to a more simple direct cremation without a formal service.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us, we’re here to accommodate you.

  • Important things to know when you’re being quoted a price for cremation from another funeral home;
    • Is the crematory fee included?  (this fee is typically $250 - $500)
    • Is the Medical Examiner fee included?  (this may be as much as $75)
    • Are any certified copies of the Michigan death certificate included?
    • What other costs should you expect that aren’t included in the “Cremation price”?
  • Important things that you should know when selecting your funeral home for cremation;
    • Where is the crematory located and will the funeral director be present to supervise the process from beginning to end? 
    • Will they personally take you to the crematory to inspect it?
    • The Michigan Public Health Rules require embalming if cremation doesn’t take place within 48 hours of death.  Will they make every effort to cremate within 48 hours if it’s your desire that embalming not take place?  (Our experience is that many funeral directors are not aware of this rule)
    • Is there an area for you to spend time with your loved one before the cremation takes place?

Michigan Memorial Park Cremation Company – owned and operated by Michigan Memorial Park, Inc. and located inside of Michigan Memorial Funeral Home, Inc. (separately owned-companies).

OUR ON-SITE CREMATORY guarantees supervised and individual cremation.  Your loved one never leaves our care.  Other Funeral Homes use off-site industrial crematories outside the supervision of the Funeral Director you’ve chosen to provide this sacred service.  At Michigan Memorial we offer:

  1. The Viewing Room - Families are provided a private room to spend time with their loved one before cremation takes place.
  2. The Witness Room - For those who choose, this room provides the ability to witness the beginning of the cremation process in a private and comfortable setting.
  3. Dignified and Secure – Your loved one never leaves our care.
  4. Michigan Memorial Funeral Home has plenty of room for a variety of memorial services
  5. Most importantly, we offer you a guarantee, because we never want you to "wonder".