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Traditional Burial Options

If you're looking for a traditional burial, Michigan Memorial Park is second to none. Set on the banks of the serene Huron River in Flat Rock, Michigan Memorial Park offers you and your family a host of traditional burial options. This beautiful 290-acre cemetery is a magnificent, natural setting. We have a reputation in our community for superior customer service and unparalleled beauty. Our Family Service Representatives will be happy to give you a tour of the grounds and offer guidance. Please click HERE for a complete price list of all our Traditional Burial Options.


Many families prefer to be placed above ground in a mausoleum or garden crypt, rather than in the ground. At Michigan Memorial Park, there are 14 beautiful mausoleums and crypts throughout our property. Our interior and exterior crypts are intricate and immaculate; each have their own remarkable features. We also offer private family mausoleums on the edge of Sylvan Lake, in the Woodside area, and in the Lighthouse Rose Garden. Please click HERE for a complete price list of all our Mausoleum Options.  


If you’ve chosen cremation for yourself or a loved one, you’ll need to consider the different options for laying the cremated remains to rest. Where to place ashes is a very important and intimate decision for you and your family. That’s why Michigan Memorial Park has invested considerable time and attention in creating more than 20 different memorial options. There is no shortage of choices for you and your family.


Michigan Memorial Park is the number one choice for Catholic families in the greater Detroit area. We offer many options for those of the Catholic faith who wish to be buried in the consecrated area of the Park. This special burial place features one of the largest crucifix monuments in the state. And, for those Catholic families who choose cremation, we have special burial niches in the Catholic section of our park.


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