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Donald Grahm Smith

December 07 , 1956 - July 19 , 2022

Donald Grahm Smith

December 07 , 1956 - July 19 , 2022


Friday, July 22, 2022

1:00 ~ 6:00 PM

Michigan Memorial Funeral Home


Friday, July 22, 2022

6:00 PM

Michigan Memorial Funeral Home Chapel

Interment at Michigan Memorial Park



Smith, Donald G., age 65, of Southgate, July 19, 2022. He is survived by his siblings Angela (Veronica) Smith, Scott Smith, Bert (Gena) Smith, Joseph (Sandy) Smith, and numerous nieces and nephews. He is preceded in death by his parents Freeman and Frances Smith and brother Robert Smith. He was an avid member of the Ham Radio Community and he enjoyed talking to people near and far.


  • In this small world iv ran into Donny multiple times. The first was at church on orange street in Wyandotte where he was sure to make you smile no matter how your day was going. Over the years my life changed drastically and I fell out of touch with church and everyone I used to know. But in the last couple years this small world brought me to Donny's brother. He's one of my best friends and neighbor. Every single day we talked about Donny and how things were going. He sure loved his radio and even though he barely knew me he made it a point to check in on my well being almost daily. Words can't express the sorrow I have for your whole family but we will meet again. The only difference is the streets will lined in gold in god's great kingdom. Robert Edward
  • I have known Donnie since the 70s when I did his mom's hair every week. Last time I seen him a few weeks ago at another funeral. He was a loving and honest child of God. RIP Donnie. Sandra Morris
  • I met Donnie a few years back while with a mutual friend. We live very close. His hospitality was surprising. He never missed an opportunity to offer a drink or invite you to coffee at Mc Donald's. A beautiful soul is finally at home. He will be missed on the airwaves. Peter Ac8xb
  • I am so very sorry to hear of Donnie's passing. I bought my son's first bike from Donnie 20 years ago. I will miss seeing all of his goods on the driveway as I pass by his house or him sitting on the front porch. Donnie was a staple in our community, everyone knew him or knew of him. He will truly be missed. May he rest in peace. Jackie Machnacki
  • I hadn't talked with little Donnie in a couple years since I got sick but recently he was on my mind. And I just learned that he passed away yesterday and I couldn't believe it. My husband and I bought our son's first bike from Donnie yrs ago in 1991 I believe and the next time we was at church Donnie asked him if he liked his bike and he said someone had taken in when he came in for lunch. So Donnie had us to bring him back over to his house and let my son pick out any bike he wanted for free. Donnie was a very kind hearted giving person. I remember his parents well especially his mom because he was always at church with her. RIP Lil' Donnie Charlotte Pritchett

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